Patient and Nurse Satisfaction

Patients and their loved ones come to us at their most vulnerable times, and we must always remember that it’s a privilege to care for them — and most important, for us to extend comfort and understanding. When we do so, patients often benefit in two ways:

  • Experience fewer medical errors
  • Leave our care in better health and a better overall experience of care

For a nurse to provide the physical, mental and emotional support every patient needs, he or she should first feel both empowered and appreciated. Sentara Healthcare creates systems and tools to support these needs, regularly adding initiatives.

Our three goals:

  1. Inspire and motivate employees to take actions that enrich the customer experience.
  2. Impress on every employee that each one of us is a customer.
  3. Lay the foundation for continuous awareness and understanding of how the Sentara Commitments, safety habits and relationship-based care create the Sentara customer experience.

Also 2017 brought a renewed focus on the importance of rounding at Sentara and the strong correlation between rounding and patient satisfaction. Hourlyrounding by our frontline nurses greatly contributes to this. Research conducted by NRC Health shows that patients were 61 percent more likely to rate their hospital stay a 9 or 10 when they responded “Yes” to the question, “During this hospital stay, did a nurse visit you at least every two (2) hours?” To highlight the importance of rounding and model effective rounding in action, a team of executives, leaders and frontline employees worked together to shoot a video series, “Executive, Leader and Hourly Rounding,” set to debut in early 2018.

This year, we’ll also push out our other two customer experience components:

  • Patient and family engagement
  • Effective data use

For the first, we’re pinpointing additional opportunities for our Patient and Family Advisory Council members to influence our entire healthcare system, and for the second, we’ll begin to generate more feedback from patients, particularly in real time — when we can immediately fix problems, address concerns and recognize successes.

The Women’s Center at Sentara Obici Hospital received the most-improved customer satisfaction scores in the system in 2017.
The Women’s Center team at Sentara Obici Hospital: Back Row: Lisa Milburn, BSN, RN; Tandy Coyle, BSN, RN; Dixie St. George, RN; Anissa Woodard, NCP; Beth Johnson, BSN, RN; Middle Row: Kaitlin Opauski, BSN, RNC, LRN, IBCLC; Britteny Stone-Joel, BSN, RN; Debra Bunch, RN; Jerusha Williams, Operations Coordinator; Front Row: Valarie Bryant, BSN, RN; Caretta Galloway, BSHM; Tenisha Wiggins, BSN, RN; Alisha Dunn, BSN, RN; Megan Kessinger, BSN, RN