Among the best: Recognizing all the ways you exceed expectations

By its very nature, nursing attracts the most dedicated and compassionate individuals. Those who choose nursing do so to shine a light on others and give attention to the people most in need of it.

Many nurses understandably shy away when a spotlight finds them, preferring to continue giving instead of getting any attention, yet it’s appropriate to receive at least a bit of recognition for a job well done. Allow yourself to be celebrated and thanked in the many ways we can at Sentara, whether it’s through a national stamp of approval such as Magnet® designation or a pat on the back from a co-worker who honors you with a DAISY nomination.

Magnet® Designation

Magnet® designation provides a roadmap to drive nursing excellence, with contented staff at its core. It recognizes healthcare organizations for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice.

As of January 2019, Magnet® honors have been bestowed upon only 482 organizations worldwide, with 23 in Virginia. Sentara proudly claims eight of those hospitals:

  • Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital (2006, 2011, 2016)
  • Sentara Norfolk General Hospital (2008, 2014, 2018)
  • Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center (2014)
  • Sentara RMH Medical Center (2014)
  • Sentara Leigh Hospital (2015)
  • Sentara Princess Anne Hospital (2016)
  • Sentara CarePlex Hospital (2017)
  • Sentara Obici Hospital (2018)

The Pathway to Excellence® Program

The Pathway to Excellence® Program recognizes healthcare and long-term care organizations for positive practice environments where nurses excel. To qualify, organizations meet Pathway Standards essential to an ideal nursing practice environment. There are 168 Pathway Designated organizations across the world as of January 2019, with 11 in Virginia.

The Pathway to Excellence in Long Term Care® Program recognizes long-term care organizations for positive practice environments where nurses excel. The first and only recognition program for the long-term care sector. Any size or type of long-term care facility where nurses care for patients may apply.

Sentara Life Care Nursing Center Virginia Beach received Pathway to Excellence in Long Term Care® designation in the spring of 2018.

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Beacon Award for Excellence

The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Beacon Award for Excellence recognizes units that improve every facet of patient care. A Beacon signifies a positive and supportive work environment with collaboration, high morale and low turnover. The nursing Staff direct the process, nurturing their empowerment and leadership development.

Sentara Healthcare Beacon Award Winners

  • Sentara Norfolk General Hospital CICU (2016)
  • Sentara Norfolk General Hospital General ICU (2016)
  • Sentara Princess Anne Hospital ICU (2017)
  • Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Vascular ICU (2017)
  • Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Special Care Nursery (2017)
  • Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Burn Trauma Neuro ICU (2018)
  • Sentara CarePlex Hospital ICU Unit (2018)

The DAISY Award

Nurses throughout Sentara have the opportunity to recognize each other or to be singled out by a patient’s family through the DAISY Foundation. A specific care interaction or an ongoing, supportive relationship may inspire a DAISY nomination in hopes that a nurse who may think of his or her extraordinary actions as routine will learn that he or she is appreciated nonetheless.

NICHE Designation

Building on our commitment to serving geriatric patients, a growing number of our hospitals have earned the Nurses Improving Care for HealthSystem Elders (NICHE) designation. It is the leading nurse-driven program designed to improve older adult care. NICHE provides principles and tools that healthcare organizations utilize to achieve patient-centered care.

Sentara NICHE-designated Sites

  • Senior Friendly: Sentara CarePlex Hospital
  • Senior Friendly: Obici Hospital
  • Progressive: Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center
  • Progressive: Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
  • General Member: Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital
  • General Member: Sentara Albemarle Medical Center

NICHE designation recognizes nurses prioritizing patient-centered care for our geriatric population. The distinction has been awarded to six of our hospitals.

A NURSE’S STORY: James Hermansen-Parker, MSN, RN, PCCN-K
Nurse Specialist, Magnet® champion, DAISY coordinator, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, Vice president of membership services and international board member, InterPride

“When I’m having a rough week, I read stories submitted by patients’ families and co-workers for the DAISY nurse awards, and they always remind me why we all became nurses. We didn’t do it because we wanted a simple job. We came into nursing because we wanted to help people.”

Recognizing the impact of a nurse’s job

“I always get very involved in a lot of things I do. I multi task well. In addition to my daily responsibilities, I’m a Magnet® champion and serve on the DAISY committee. My volunteer work helps me with leadership skills that I need in my profession. My leadership skills that I’ve learned as a nurse and through my education help me in my volunteer work. I see rewards both ways.

Education is in my blood. My mother and both of my sisters are teachers; I just happen to be a teacher who is also a nurse. I like helping nurses understand why we do the things we do. It’s an honor, too, to work on DAISYs, after the award was first brought to our Magnet® committee. You see how grateful people are for our nurses.

DAISY stories help remind me that after all the meetings, the paperwork and the require-ments we do, we have to remember why we are doing this job. Sometimes those stories remind us why we do things, and sometimes that nurse will say, ‘But I was just doing my job.’ And yes, you were doing your job, but you were doing your job in such a way that someone else noticed it. It may not have been another nurse; it can be the families, a physician; anyone can submit a DAISY Award. And sometimes that recognition, that reminder of, yes, to you that was just your normal job, but to someone else, you made an impact — and that was the important thing.”

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