Strategic Imperatives and Clinical Appropriateness

A focus on value: Inspiring all the care you provide

As 2018 came to a close, you may have noticed a subtle shift in how we talk about our guideposts. Still at our foundation are quality and customer centricity.

While always a priority, we’re evolving to communicate more about clinical appropriateness — the need to evaluate how, why and where we serve our patients. Asking such questions brings our focus to value, the heart of any successful provider-patient relationship and every respected integrated health system.

Here we share our formula for value, our systemwide clinical appropriateness structure, and our 2019-2021 Strategic Imperatives, along with your related nursing goals for 2019.

You’ll see that our ability to meet our Clinical Performance Improvement goals, led by the committee that has evolved to become the Clinical Appropriateness Steering Committee, bodes well for our future in delivering value to our patients.


Systemwide Clinical Appropriateness


3-Year Strategic Imperatives With Annual Review

Looking ahead at our 3-Year Strategic Imperatives provides a renewed focus for our health system as we prepare for the future. Nursing will align future system strategic nursing imperatives along this new vision for Sentara.


2018 Clinical Performance Improvement Impact

All Year-End Performance Goals Met

With a strong commitment to meeting our Clinical Performance Improvement goals, our nurses cared for patients with improved safety and efficiency in 2018.

A NURSE’S STORY: Sarah Rose Sienes, MSN, RN-BC
Staff Development Coordinator and current facility lead for Pathway designation, Sentara Life Care Nursing Center Virginia Beach

“There’s no other profession I’d choose. You appreciate the wholeness of a person. We’re all complex, and nurses see and understand people holistically, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”

Promoting our nurse retention and cost-effective care through Pathway to Excellence Designation

At Sentara Healthcare, healthy work environments improve staff retention and help maintain consistency and excellence in our patients’ care, all of which support our strategic imperatives. In the spring of 2018, Sentara Life Care Nursing Center Virginia Beach demonstrated its outstanding commitment to positive work environments, where nurses excel in resident care by earning the Pathway to Excellence in Long-Term Care designation, after two years of preparation. It is the first Virginia facility to earn the Pathway designation — the first and only long-term care recognition — and one of just 168 worldwide.

“At first, I didn’t know anything about Pathway. When I learned that it’s about nurses having a conducive workplace, I wanted to work on the designation. The goal of Pathway is to ensure that we recruit and retain nurses by giving them an environment with good benefits and good work-life balance.

One of our first steps was to query our nurses: Did they know about our benefits, tuition assistance, orientation, preceptorships and work-life balance? Then we bridged the gaps we identified.

While pursuing Pathway, our staff became more vocal sharing concerns to their nurse managers and other leaders. They always knew that their leaders’ doors were open, but we saw them using their chain of command more. They became more aware of their benefits and our referral program and that we want newcomers to feel confident about working on their own after orientation. This all helps with retention.

If we retain our nurses, we save when it comes to orientation and turnover costs, and we have more consistent care for the patients and residents in our facility. The journey to Pathway provided an opportunity for our nursing staff to celebrate the excellence in their resident care and lift up the examples where they made a positive difference in the lives of those they care for.”

Sentara Nursing Report